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The Past, Present & The Future with Snoe Beauty

There are lots of beauty brands in the market and competition is tough. In order to stand out, one must know how to innovate. That's what Snoe does best! In just 2 years into the local beauty industry, they've managed to make it big, with plans to expand overseas very soon! 

The event was entitled "The Past, Present, & The Future", and guests donned futuristic outfits to match the theme.

Ms. Jen Gerodiaz Diaz, CEO & founder of Snoe, gave us a brief presentation on the story behind Snoe. From their humble beginnings during their bazaar days to now that they have countless free standing stores and kiosks all over the Philippines, it just goes to show how passionate and serious they are about making Snoe the number one and fastest growing retail beauty brand in the Philippines.

Future products and plans were also discussed, and everyone were all ears and excited about it. Look at all the attendees!

Since it's Snoe's mission to create new innovative products and exceed customer expectations, one sad news is that they'll soon be discontinuing some of their "past" products. But don't worry, as they will be replaced by better ones.


Leny, Snoe's General Manager, took me on a time-machine tour on the past, present, and future products of Snoe.

Snoe: Past

These are the oldies but goodies - Snoe's first ever product releases. Get to know more about them here. The "Past" has mostly skin and body care items, plus a few cosmetics.

Snoe Hair Heroes

One of their most-loved and most-raved product line is Hair Heroes! They're cleansing conditioners, which eliminates the need to shampoo.

Snoe Body Ritual Recipes in Vanilla Bean & Butterscotch

This complete body-care range consists of a Honey Bath Syrup, Whipped Body Frosting, Scrumptious Body Spritz, Sweet Hair & Body Glaze, and a Face & Body Powder. This range comes in 6 delicious scents, such as Passionfruit Parfait, Strawberry Smoothie, Honeydew Melon and Yogurt, Tropical Cocktail, and Nectarine Ginger Tea, but Vanilla Bean & Butterscotch is my ultimate favorite.

Snoe Poudre Extraordinaire

Because we can't keep reapplying our liquid sunblock/SPF thoughout the day, Snoe has come up with a loose powder infused with Acai Berry and SPF 30++ for sun protection and a flawless look.

Snoe: Present

Here's Melo (resident makeup artist of Snoe's SM Valenzuela branch) showing us the present Snoe products - now with more makeup products! Check out my initial feature of Snoe's complete lip care lipsticks, Rouge Deluxe.

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Cleansing Oil Shampoo

Here's another first from Snoe. We've heard of cleansing oils for the face, but now we have cleansing oil for the hair! It contains macadamia nut and avocado oil for maximum hair nourishment, and zero sulfates for zero dryness. I love that it smells like a hybrid between chocolates and butter - so yummy and so good for my hair!

Snoe Awesome Poresome Kit & Microdermabrasion Retexturizing Polish

Large pores and oily skin rejoice with Snoe's Awesome Poresome range! This kit specifically targets misbehaving pores. I'm excited to try Snoe's Awesome Poresome scrub (the one in the tub) to see if it can make my whiteheads disappear.
Snoe BBfied HD-BB Pigment Mix

Since we're so into BB creams, why don't we just BBfy our favorite moisturizers? Introducing the ultimate innovation from Snoe, BBfied HD-BB Pigment Mix. These BB pigments are from Korea, which we can mix with our moisturizers/sunblocks so they would turn to BB creams instantly!

Snoe Poudre Phenomenon Pore Erasing HD Powder

I personally love the super fine and silky texture of Snoe Poudre Phenomenon. This one is the perfect finishing powder since it's translucent and would fit and brighten up all skin-tones (just apply sparingly, since it's still white). This one promises oil control with anti-acne benefits from Shoozit’s Purefix-DC. (Check out Snoe's Shoozit range at the background!)

Snoe: Future

What can we expect from this super beauty brand? More innovative but still reachable products that everone would love, of course! They're coming up with budge-proof eyeliners, beautiful and super long lasting lip stain pens, metallic and oh-so-pigmented liquid liners, body makeup, and more! These are still in the works, though, so expect them in a few more months. For now, let us enjoy the present and look forward into the future with Snoe!

We were also introduced to a new business venture under the Snoe group, Peace Love Happiness & Cosmetics. If you dream of having and selling your own cosmetics line someday, then you better watch out for this. Like their Facebook page for more information.

During the event, I got to meet lots of familiar and new faces. So many new beauty bloggers, which I'm really looking forward to read!

With Ms. Jen (so gorgeous!)

Snoe doesn't need to hire models for their products - owners Ms. Jen and Gen are already the perfect endorsers for this beauty brand. I admire and look up to them, since their passion for beauty has taken them to great heights. Ms. Jen and Gen, you're both inspirations!

I also finally got to meet these awesome bloggers!
With Iya

Meet Iya, beauty vlogger! We've been following each other's blogs for so long, and it's the first time we finally met. Isn't she so pretty? :D

With Liz
With Martha

I also got to take my first ever pictures with Liz and Martha! I've been reading their blogs for so long. I've met Liz once last year (during my second ever bloggers event where I hardly knew anyone yet), and seen Martha before but was just too plain shy to approach them. I'm happy to finally see them again! I love that they're friendly and approachable even with their celeb-like status in the beauty blogging world.

With more lovely beauty bloggers!
Char, I, Janine, Jen, Aya, and Rhea

Gen-zel, I, Sam, and Lea

I love attending Snoe events because I get to bond with my online buddies like this!

Everyone who came took home a box of goodies from Snoe! Sample boxes are trending right now, and this is one box that I wouldn't mind buying (if ever Snoe would sell this). It has their new product releases in sample-sizes. If you want your own sample box, then join Snoe's contest right now!

More stuff! I can't wait to review them all. Thank you very much, Snoe!

Which item would you like me to review first? Your comments are most welcome! Also, like Snoe Beauty Inc. on Facebook to know more about their products. Check out their Holiday Gift Guide, where you could get some of their products at 50% off!


PS. Photos without watermark are not mine.

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  1. You write the best and most informative posts Helen! You're one of my favorite beauty bloggers talaga! You deserve all the success and perks you've been reaping through blogging. ☺

    See you again, hopefully soon! :D

    1. Aww, Janine! You're too nice! Thanks for the kind words! I'm super happy that you appreciate what I write. I love your blog, too! Hangout soon my dear! ♥

  2. i agree with the janine :) i love your blog too :)) i read all the words you put :)
    i lvoe you to review bbfied :) i love snoe to the bits and im hitting pan for over usage.yay cant wait to try rouge :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny! ♥ Will review BBfied soon! I use Snoe products everyday so I'm also guilty of over usage, but I love it. Haha! Yes do try Rouge Deluxe, it's super worth it.

  3. wow I you really is,one of the best bloggers I've ever encountered Helen. I was on the event, nut i'm super duper shy to approach anyone out there maybe because it's indeed one of the first events I've went being a blogger too. I do really going near approaching you but whenever I approach you somebody would fill in. So, I guess next time is my luck but I'm satisfied I've finally saw you in person and your blog.^_^



    1. Hi Chini! Thanks so much for the sweet words! I wish we could have make chika there. I was actually kind of shy too, since there were lots of new faces in the event. Sometimes I just clam up for no reason. Haha! Next time, let's talk! Hope to see you again! :)

  4. You're the one who's pretty kaya! Love how flawless your skin is! <3


    1. Basta! Ikaw na talaga! :D See you soon, dear! ♥

  5. thanks for featuring peace love happiness & cosmetics! - nina of plh&cosmetics

  6. pls do a review of d invisible shampoo. ive decided to b a blogger so i can one day attend events like this. i am a super fan of snoe,

    1. Will definitely write about it soon! Write from the heart, Miz Eloise, and the rest will follow. :)


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