Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy 41st Anniversary, Dermclinic!

For 41 years, Dermclinic has been providing Filipinos with quality dermatological products and services, using only the latest techniques and technologies in skincare science.

Dermclinic: Celebrating 41 years onwards of professional dermatology

Dermclinic has remained consistent with their commitment to provide only the best skincare solutions for their clients from the moment Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, Father of Philippine Dermatology, opened Dermclinic to the public in 1971, until 41 years later, when countless Filipinos walk into each of its 21 branches in major shopping malls and leisure centers all over the country.

During their anniversary weekend, Dermclinic hosted a special gathering where loyal Dermclinic clients and their invited friends, media, and bloggers were treated to a night of celebration.

Ms. Venus Raj

The very special guest of the night was Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-Up, Ms. Venus Raj. I thought she already looked beautiful on the television, but I was at awe when I saw her in person. She's stunning as she is statuesque - every inch of a beauty queen, and she's very warm towards everyone. I also can't help but admire her flawless, beautiful caramel-colored skin. This year, she continues to represent Dermclinic as its Brand Ambassador, promoting Dermclinic as a premier market brand in skin and hair care.

Ms. Venus Raj & Dr. Vinson B. Pineda

In its 41st year of redefining the professional dermatology industry in the Philippines, Dermclinic yet again provides world-class skin and hair care with the introduction of three new dermatological services: Black Peel, 3Face, and NuFACE CO2 Laser.


NuFACE CO2 Laser

Dermclinic also unveiled the new face of skincare supremacy with the bold new look of NuDerm Supreme, Dermclinic’s flagship product line of skin rejuvenating products.

NuDerm Supreme

During the event, there was also a skincare talk by Dr. Onessa Lacaba. She discussed the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and how it affects our skin.

Dr. Onessa Lacaba

The skin is the body's largest organ, so we have to take care of it not only on the outside, but also from the inside. Basic tips that we often forget like keeping ourselves hydrated, eating a balanced diet, and exercise can really make a difference on how our skin would look.

There was also a raffle where the guests won either a Mesotherapy or NuShape session.

Congrats, Carizza!

I was lucky enough to win a NuShape GC. Thank you, Dermclinic!

As a way to give back to their loyal patrons for the undying support all throughout its 41 years of serving Filipino skin care needs, Dermclinic offers a wide selection of their bestselling services at 50% off for the whole month of November across all Dermclinic branches nationwide.

I also now have my new Dermclinic Beauty Card, a passport for members to enjoy exclusive privileges and gifts all year round from Dermclinic!

Congratulations on your success, Dermclinic! 41 years have passed, and you always strive to give us happy skin days. Happy 41st anniversary, and more to come!

Thank you, Dermclinic, for letting me be part of this momentous occasion. Thanks also to Charrize for inviting me to the event. I had fun celebrating Dermclinic's 41st anniversary with Ana, Bec, Carizza, Mich, and Rhea! Do visit their blogs, too! ♥


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  1. wow!

  2. were you able to use their GCs? I've tried their 3Face service and it was awesome. I'd be blogging about it later :D

    1. I haven't used mine yet! :) Read your post just now, it sounds very nice!


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