Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Make-up Line

I'm a fan of the natural makeup look, but wouldn't it be nice to play around with colors more often? If there's a perfect time have fun with makeup - that would be now, especially when the holidays are just around the corner!

I'm currently in love with The Face Shop's Lovely Me:ex make-up line. This range is actually targeted for teens and young professionals, but that shouldn't stop anyone from trying out the products from this fun range. This make-up line is for those who want to play with fresh colors. Every product from this range comes in fuss-free formulas and funky (yet functional) packaging.

Experiment with color and let your imagination run wild. With Lovely Me:ex, there’s no reason for you to look un-fabulous!

Design My Eyebrow (P225.00)

To frame the eyes, groom those brows with the Design My Eyebrow retractable eyebrow pencil. Its triangular-shaped lead ensures clean and defined brows every time.

Style My Eyebrow (P150.00)

Style My Eyebrow eyebrow pencil can be used to create the most natural-looking defined brows.

You & Eyes (P245.00)

The You & Eyes are mono-eyeshadow palettes that come in 19 sparkling hues that glide over the eyes with a silky texture, for truly glowing peepers.

Make Me A Star Gel Eyeliner (P355.00)

To make the eyes pop, line with the Make Me a Star Gel Eyeliner - a perfect combination of gel and pencil that glides effortlessly and stays put with its waterproof texture.

You & Face (P295.00)

The You & Face is a silky smooth cheek color that comes in different shades to be used as highlighter, contour, or blush.

Pastel Cushion Blusher (P445.00)

For a pop of color, the bestselling Pastel Cushion Blusher can be buffed onto the cheeks with its powder puff.

Aqua Lip & Cheek Tint (P295.00)

The water-based Aqua Lip & Cheek Tint is a water-based tint to create a natural flush of bitten lips and pinched cheeks.

Love Mark Tint (P495.00)

For a truly fun way to shade the lips, the Love Mark Tint is the first-ever stamp-type lip tint that you can directly stamp on your lips using a lip-shaped sponge.

Enamel Jelly Tint (P355.00)

For a lip tint that truly lasts, the Enamel Jelly Tint is a high-gloss jelly-type lip tint that plumps your kisser.

You Make Me Glam (P225.00)

I Love Pure Color (P295.00)
For a bolder impact, the range’s two glosses, the You Make Me Glam and I Love Pure Color delivers intense color for a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

I love how this range has such a young, fresh feel to it. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the prices are way affordable! The must-tries from this range are You & Eyes (creamy, velvety, and very pigmented powder eyeshadows) and Aqua Lip & Cheek Tint (for that natural pop of color)! The Love Mark Tint is also the first of its kind - it's a lip stamp, where the applicator is a lip-shaped sponge you use to dab on the color to your lips.

What are your top pics from the Lovely Me:ex make-up line?



  1. hi,, i wanna ask what the different about enamel jelly tint and aqua lip& cheek tint? for natural looking which one is good? thank

    1. The Enamel Jelly Tint is a thick lip gloss, while the Aqua Lip & Cheek Tint is good as a blush and lip stain. Since it's a stain, it looks more natural since it "blends" into your skin and lips, adding a hint of pink. You can read my review of the Aqua Lip & Cheek Tint here: http://luckycitrine.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-face-shop-lovely-meex-aqua-tint-in.html


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