Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mediplast Cartoon Strips - Cuteness Overload!

I received a package from Mediplast last week, and it contained their newest product, which is the Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Strips!

While I usually just let my cuts/burns/wounds (well, not all at the same time though!) heal naturally as they should, there are times when I also need adhesive bandages to protect my wound from infection, and promote fast and safe healing. This is when Mediplast comes to the rescue. We always have a pack or two of the regular skin-colored Mediplast Plastic Strips with Acrinol at home just in case we'd need them.

Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Strips

I have a thing for cute bandage strips, and these are definitely too nice to pass up. I'm sure you'll agree with me when you see the designs! It comes in bears, angels, and stars!

About the Product:

Each strip is sealed for your protection.

Look how cute these Mediplast Cartoon Strips are! ♥




I was wishing they'd have a pink one inside, but there was none. I would love it if they came up with more designs. My favorite is the one with the Bears in it! Even guys think it's cute!

I always have some of these in my kit, just in case I'd have accidental cuts or scratches, or when I wear heels or new shoes and it gets painful. These can come in handy, and are super adorable to boot!

Mediplast Cartoon Strips are priced at P15.50/10 pieces, P60.00/50 pieces, and P104.50/100 pieces; and is available in all Mercury Drug Stores and leading supermarkets nationwide. Visit their website for more information on other Mediplast products.

Let me know which design you liked the most! ♥



  1. so cute!!!!^__^ the angels are rather cool with what seem like a sunglasses eyes

  2. omg i love the stars and violet!
    i have the cute little angels, i always use them whenever i will wear new shoes :p they come in handy.
    i never see those other designs hoping to see them on mercury drug shelves :p

    1. Next time get the assorted pack para ka lahat ng design. :)


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