Monday, October 17, 2011

Papa John's Pizza

I just realized, if there is one food I could eat all day, that would be pizza! (So sinful but delicious!) I love all types of pizza, from fast food to those in fine dining. Sometimes, I bring pizza to eat for breakfast when I am in the office, much to my officemate's amusement because I never gain weight. Last Friday, I was at work in SM Megamall, so I had lunch in Papa John's. It's my first time to try this restaurant, despite having heard lots of rave reviews about it, it's just now that I have tried it. It might be late, but better late than never!

Even if it was a weekday, there were lots of people in SM Megamall that day because of the 3-day sale. I was thankful to be seated immediately since I was starving already. I ordered a Jr. Papa's Meal (consisting of a Jr. Papa's Pizza and Coke).

Jr. Papa's Pizza in Pepperoni + Coke (P160.00)
Generous servings of Pepperoni slices smothered in extra melt-in-your-mouth Cheese. Pure Pleasure.

Bite. Dip. Enjoy.

The Jr. Papa's Pizza is a personal-sized 6" pizza (4 slices). The pizza's crust is hand-tossed and delivered to the restaurant fresh (never frozen). The crust is thick with a crisp exterior layer, but with soft bread inside, since it rises slowly and naturally in the baking process. The garlic dip that comes with the pizza goes so well with the crust! The garlic dip smelled like yummy garlic bread. It has a light and watery consistency, but it's not so greasy. On to the pizza itself, I love how thick the cheese is! Underneath the cheese is the tangy tomato sauce - not too sweet, just the way I like it.

The pepperoni in this pizza is also noteworthy, since Papa John's do not use extenders for the meat they use. The pepperoni is baked just right, it's not overfried and can still be bent without breaking, unlike other pizzas with pepperoni "chips".

Fine ingredients and good food aside, the prices here are reasonable, too. You can hang out here with family and friends without breaking the bank. The branch I went to was in SM Megamall (3rd Level, Building A).

Like Papa John's Pizza Philippines' Facebook page, and visit their website for more information.

Have you tried Papa John's Pizza?



  1. i have not tried eating there but it looks ok :)
    on my list right now is the chicken place hmm bencho? i duno im bad with names hehe
    And ur so right with the gaining weight thinggy hehe gosh this weekend was a food mess! :))
    btw do they have Cheese pizza specialty or beef overload? i dont eat pork ><

  2. @Amz: I haven't heard of that, but I love trying out new pizza places. :) Haha. Not being able to gain weight is both a blessing and a curse. :)) Yes they do have cheese pizza, but I'm not sure of the pure beef pizza. They do have chicken pizzas though!

  3. Naku sarap talaga dyan helen.. i made a review about this as well sa food blog ko.

  4. @Jade: WOW! I love your food blog! Thanks for leaving the link. May bago na ulit akong babasahin at nakakagutom siya. :)


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