Monday, October 10, 2011

[EVENT] 5 Great Reasons to be at The BDJ Fair

Ever since I got hold of my first ever Belle De Jour (BDJ) Power Planner way back in 2009, I was hooked! I have never really used up a planner before (most of them I write on only for the first few months of the year), but BDJ was just too colorful, cute, useful, and practical to not write on. To date, I have 3 planners in my collection, and it somehow served as my journal/scrapbook/diary or whatever you want to call it. :)

  • 2009: This was my last year in college, and BDJ helped me make the most out of it. It was the first ever planner that I brought with me everywhere (even if it was a bit bulky and heavy). This was a hectic time for me, and having BDJ helped me manage my subject requirements, deadlines, college org activities. I particularly loved the articles in this planner. I remember reading them when I get bored in class. XD
  • 2010: My BDJ planner helped me in this time of my life where I was a fresh graduate. It helped me get ready for the real world. It's packed with sensible articles and tips that I could relate to. This is why I never throw away my old BDJ planners, because you'll never know when you would need them someday. (You can call me a pack rat!) This was also the first year I got to attend a BDJ Rendezvous, and since then, I almost always have a perfect attendance to their events. Haha!
  • 2011: Now that I am working, I use this to keep track of my schedules and appointments. While some just take note of their daily activities and notes using their gadgets, I still love writing them down on my planner. Old school is cool. :)

I make it a point to buy it every year. It's the most sulit thing you will ever buy for the year, I swear! I love that it comes with LOADS of coupons from the stores we kikay girls love. Plus, getting your own copy of BDJ planner will give you access to attend their future events which are loads of fun!

The designs are super girly and pretty. I love the pink ribbon bookmark used in every BDJ planner I have. :)

I can't wait to finally have my BDJ 2012 planner! ♥

This coming Sunday, BDJ will be launching the much-awaited 2012 planner! I am beyond excited, and I will give you 5 great reasons why you should be at the BDJ Fair!

Date: October 16, 2011, Sunday
Time: 2PM-10PM
Venue: Eastwood Mall Open Park
Entrance: P50.00 (for the kids/scholars of Tondo and Romblon)

  1. Be the FIRST to get your copy of BDJ 2012! Plus it's at 20% OFF, one day special price only! (Get the planner at only P480.00; the original price for this planner is P598.00)
  2. Get lost in style with Divine Lee and our other POWERHOUSE SPEAKERS on fashion, beauty, travel, and life.
  3. FREE fortune-telling, bungee-jumping, glitter tattoo, beauty and fashion-makeovers and more!
  4. Have fun and compete with the other BDJ Girls in the BDJ AMAZING MINUTE SCAVENGER HUNT!
  5. Get a special SWAG* from BDJ 2012 partners if you are part of the first 1000 to pre-register!

*TAKE HOME SPECIAL SWAG FROM: CBTL, Bizu, GSK, Ace Water Spa, Athena, Carbtrim, Promod, Parfois, Pet Express, Goody, Nivea, Garnier, Sober Club, Purbeauty, Strip: Waxing Salon, Browhaus, Beauty Bar, Get Laud, Serenitea, Michelis, SM GTW and Ladies Wear, The Ramp Crossings and more!

  • Sing Your Heart Out with Redbox!
  • K-Pop Makeover + Free Hug and Pose with Missing-U mascots from Etude House!
  • Take A Trip Back to Fun-times!
  • Try out Tumbang Preso with All-Flip-Flops.
  • Bungee Jump and Soar Through Great Heights!
  • Get Fancy Feet with Nail Art from Fitflop and Flipsters!
  • Bottoms Up! Drink up with with Sober Club’s Shooters Game.
  • Make yourself over with Pure Beauty/MUD!
  • Gourmet away! Create delightful desserts and quick, dishes with Enderun.
  • Get vaccinated with GSK and Affinity Health!
  • Play Pop The Balloon with Strip!
  • Pick a Prize through Pachinko with Ace Water Spa.
  • Put your freshest face on! Try the Facial Skin Analyzer with Athena and Carbtrim.
  • Set your Style Free at Azta Style Clinic!
  • Catch yourself on-cam with Lightspire’s Video Booth.
  • Have fun dancing with Twister Floaters and MORE!

What are you waiting for? Pre-register now for the fun-filled BDJ Fair! I'm sure you will enjoy! Click this link on the mechanics on how to pre-register. Comment to this post if you're going! I'll see you there! :D



  1. Excited na ko! I can give you one more reason. Because BDJ builds friendships. I met amazing friends like you, Krystle, Nikole, etc. etc! Sobrang dami I can't keep count! hehe :)

  2. @Jes: See you! *Excited* :D

    @Ria: I AGREE! BDJ girls rock! :)

    @Joana: Yey! See you! :)


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