Sunday, October 23, 2011

Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner

Last time, I posted about great reasons to be at the Belle de Jour Fair. You may read about it here. I was not able to take much pictures because I was lining up from one booth to another, plus it was sweltering hot and there were loads of other BDJ girls. I'm not complaining though, sunny days are way better than rainy days.

I now have my Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner! I got the book-bound one instead of the spiral one for a change. I can't wait for the new year so I can already use it. :) Do you have your copy? Get one now! :)

Like Belle de Jour Power Planner on Facebook for more information on how to order, etc.



  1. nice post! i so love that planner! :D

  2. @Ann: Thanks so much! I love BDJ too! :)

  3. nice! :) and cupcakes!!!! :D I want to try their planner :D

  4. @Onika: You should! It's just P598.00 less 5% (I think for early birds) with free shipping. :) There are LOTS of coupons inside.

  5. use the athena app in facebook to get this free if your lucky!

  6. @Arra: Thanks for sharing! I will try that now. :)


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