Monday, May 1, 2017

TICKLES is now open at SM North EDSA + Haul!

Tickles has just opened their flagship store in SM North EDSA last April 27 and I couldn't be more ecstatic since it's so close to home! 😁 In case you're wondering, this IS the iconic homegrown novelty shop that's been around since 1979! Yup, that means my parents could have shopped here, and now we can shop together for quirky gifts and fun knick-knacks!

Tickles has rebranded their stores with its new retro European circus theme, where almost all corners are colorful, highly-detailed, and definitely Instagrammable. I went there yesterday together with my Dad and sister, and the store was packed. So many people! It was hard to take photos, but all good since everyone was laughing, happy, and all smiles. 😊

This is my favorite section of Tickles! Their food-themed plushies are the cutest and they're calorie-free! 😋 For a shop that has been around for generations, you'll be surprised how on-trend their novelty items are. In an effort to offer more exciting, unique, and homegrown merchandise, Tickles now designs and manufactures many of their gift items.

No boyfriend? No problem! Haha 😂

Cute items for your dog and/or cat loving friends 🐱

This poop hat suits my sister well. LOL I made her wear it.

Papa. HAHA He's the cutest! 💙

Tickles also carries a lot of practical stuff like these travel kits. (And because you know how I shop, I scouted the store for items that I can actually use in my haul which you'll see below!)

Hair accessories - gotta love those cat ears headbands, pompom headbands (!!!), pompom hair ties, and more colorful hair ties!

My dad was telling me to get the GIANT comb. LOL

Coin banks for whatever you're saving up for! Great gift idea 👍

"Travel Fund" or "Our Wedding Fund?"

Not to be missed are these bouncy balls by the counter...

And now, my haul! 😍

I had P2,000 to spend, so I made sure to make the most out of it! 💛

Bubbles (P90 each)

Because a good tita never forgets her pamangkins. Haha

Pencils with Novelty Erasers (P125)

My dad was the one who placed this inside my basket. 😮 When I asked why, he said it's because he couldn't find erasers at home when he needed it.

Multi-Screwdriver Torch (P185)

Also for my Dad. This one looks handy to have around at home.

Our Wedding Fund Coin Bank (P295)

Not for me, but for my sister! Our parents are getting older, so go get married! Haha 😂

Pink Pompom Headband (P120)

Also my sister's. She already has a pair of pink pompom earrings. This one's really cute, but I doubt she'd wear it outside. When I asked her why she got this, she said so she could wash her face with ease. Sosyal!

Pouch (P195)

This can double as a small pouch or coin purse. It looks like a pack of snack/dog food. Cute! I got this for my youngest sister who loves dogs.

Chocolate Mirror (P90)

Also for my sister. (I have 5 sisters, go figure.) We all do our makeup in the living room since the lighting's way better there than inside our room, and they seem to have a mirror shortage. Haha! I hope this solves their agawan ng salamin.

Steel Utensils Set (P165 each)

This was an accidental twinning moment. I got myself a set, and I wanted to get another one for my younger sister since we'd soon be working in the same office much to her delight and to my dismay. Haha. I told my sister to get the other design, but I didn't notice that we had the identical set until I got home. Nooooo! 😅

Bag Organizer (P180)

I've always wanted something like this, but have just not gotten around buying it. Finally I did, in the most boring and practical color. HAHA That's me!

Clown Mouth Mask (P200)

Because I'm tired of commuters not covering their mouths when they sneeze and cough. Ako na ang magaadjust. So don't get offended when I suddenly whip out my clown mask! 😜

Pink Crystal Bouncy Ball (P30)

Because I'm sad and this makes me happy. Don't judge me. Hehehe! My sisters thought I got this for my niece, but it's mine!

Tickles has a mission to bring "Happiness All Year Round" and I can say that they've certainly accomplished it. 😆

Tickles is located at Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 1, Power Plant Mall, SM Megamall A, SM North EDSA, Trinoma, UP Town Center, Alabang Town Center, Market! Market!, Robinsons Place Manila, and Ayala Center Cebu.

Facebook: Tickles_ph
Twitter and Instagram: @tickles_PH


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  1. I really don't get people who cough and sneeze in public without covering their mouths. Uncouth and disgusting. Ugh


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