Wednesday, May 3, 2017

That one thing you CAN'T do in Kushikatsu Daruma, Uptown Mall BGC!

Ever dreamed of feasting on isaw or squid balls without fearing for your health? I have! (Well not exactly isaw, but those sweet corn, squid balls, and fish balls. LOL) Whenever I get out of work, there are tons of street food vendors selling fried snacks for cheap and they all smell delicious, especially after a long day at work. But I never, ever dared to try them out since I'm scared I might get sick. Also, let's not get started on that dreaded double dipping habit...

Finally, there is a new restaurant in Uptown Mall BGC that shares my sentiments. Haha! Kushikatsu Daruma serves perfection on a skewer stick. As OC as they are, NO DOUBLE DIPPING is allowed here, much to my delight! This traces back to their Japanese roots, where meals are shared among strangers and hygiene is of prime importance.

I can fondly recount one fateful moment my teammate asked me, "LC (laway conscious) ka ba?" To which I replied with conviction, "Super!" 😂

A kushikatsu is a Japanese delicacy that comprises of deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables. Kushikatsu Daruma is an iconic restaurant in the famous Dotonburi area of Osaka that serves the best kushikatsu in Japan. Just a look at their mascot (which is inspired by their company president!) reveals something: His eyes are crossed and his arms folded over his chest, while he carries a skewer stick on each hand. The intensity of the expression his face is promising, because one may surmise that if the restaurant’s chefs put this much intensity into their cooking, then the food must really be exceptional.

And while the concept of a kushikatsu sounds pretty straightforward, to learn how cook a proper Japanese skewer requires at least one month of intensive training in Japan! In fact, the restaurant flew 5 Filipino chefs to train and learn the exact techniques of mixing batter, breading, frying.

The ambiance inside the restaurant is quirky and fun, and it's where you would want to chill after work. Sometimes, all a weary and tired soul wants is a simple and delicious meal. No frills, just some honest to goodness gastronomic goodness. This is the place that serves simple food that also happens to be highly addictive. One or two sticks is never enough!

These skewer sticks are served with a sweet yet tart mystery umami sauce, even the franchisers don’t know the ingredients of. This special sauce is regularly flown in from Osaka to Manila in order to guarantee a truly authentic Kushikatsu experience.

Kushikatsu Daruma served 36 different skewers during its launch, ranging from pork, to beef, to chicken, and will include slightly more exotic menu items such as the chicken intestines, and the chicken heart. The skewers can be enjoyed on their own or with rice (either Chahan AKA Japanese fried rice or plain Japanese rice).

Those who are unsure of where to start have the option to try their sets, for kushikatsu beginners and experienced eaters alike.
  • Beginner Level set includes 9 sticks: the classic kushikatsu, prawns, chicken with garlic, chikuwa, tsukane (chicken meatballs), tonkatsu (porkloin), leeks, potato, and camambert cheese.
  • Advanced Level set includes 11 sticks: the classic kushikatsu, chicken heart, chicken intestine, pork intestine, chicken gizzard, garlic, lady finger, gyoza, white onion, leeks, and tonkatsu.

A word of warning though - No double dipping! You only get one shot at coating your entire skewer, so keep that in mind! 😀

Now you won't have to fly to Osaka and fall in insanely long lines just to have a taste of authentic Japanese kushikatsu. 😋 And we have The Tasteless Group (who's also behind Le Petit Souffle) to thank for that! 👍

Kushikatsu Daruma
Address: 2nd Floor, Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Phone: (02) 946 7374
Store hours: Open everyday from 11:30AM to 3:00AM


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