Saturday, February 14, 2015

Haul: Cuteness Overload from Caboodle Box

Warning: Guard your wallets while reading this post. Even the kuripot Helen wasn't able to resist! :D

Yesterday, our office had an event wherein there were various booths that sold goodies and gift items for Valentine's Day. Flowers, balloons, potted plants, sweets (such as cakes, cheesecakes in jars, leche flan, cupcakes, candies, and cotton candy), and more! I wanted to buy everything in sight, but I was most drawn to Caboodle Box, a stall that sold super cute stationery and trinkets. When I found out that they had an online store, I knew I had to share it with you guys!

And now, I present to you my Happy Valentine's Day haul - something that made me so ridiculously happy, I wasn't able to work well and concentrate after I shopped.

Happy Day Diary Stamp Set 40pcs (P280.00)

I love writing on my BDJ planner my schedule and whatever transpired during the day. This will make my habit of journaling more fun! I'd place the "How Boring" stamp during meetings, and my favorite would probably be "Pay Day". Hahaaaaa. I'm so happy with this purchase. I've also seen cute alphabet stamps exactly the same as those being sold in Typo (in malls it costs around P600.00 but here in Caboodle Box they're just at P230.00). Must. Resist. Temptation. But I don't think I can for too long... Haha :D

Here's the side of the stamp which will get dirty with ink in just a bit. Everything about it is cute, and until now, I'm so freakin' happy with this purchase. ♥

Colorful Stamp Pads 12s (P100.00)

Of course, I had to get a set of colorful ink pads to go with my cute stamps! It would be silly if I didn't.

Because 12 is too much, I managed to convince my friend to get her own Happy Day Diary Stamp Set (mwahaha) and we split the stamp pads to save money. We picked alternately which color we wanted, and here are mine! :D

The Book Lamp (P100.00 each)
It clips on your book, it sits on your desk.

My boss and I bought matchy-matchy book lamps that are just too cute for words. These ones also come in other colors, but we had to get ours in our favorite girly shades. Until now, I still can't believe that it just costs P100.00! Such a steal. Malls would sell these at a much higher price, I'm sure.

So will you be getting your own Book Lamp now? :D

Heart Masking Tape & Animal Paper Tape (P45.00 each)

They also sell washi tapes in many cute designs! The shop owner, Jenny, was able to recognize me as we've met in an event before (so that's why she looked really familiar to me, too) and she gave me these as gifts. So sweet! ♥

Cute sparkly pens

Jenny also gave me and my boss cute pens for shopping at their stall! Mine's pink! :D Caboodle Box also has a lot of cute pens, notebooks, and memo pads.

I'm overjoyed and still on shopping high from this haul. Go check out Caboodle Box on Facebook or IG for cute finds at pocket-friendly prices. :D

What's your favorite from this haul? Mine's still the stamp set, then the book lamp. Haha!



  1. Ahhhhh! Cuteness overload indeed! I want those pens, lamps, and paper tape! I'll be visiting them soooon (after payday LOL).

    1. Payday naaaa! Haha. I'll be buying cute pens and other trinkets from them again soon! Just waiting for the DIY Japanese candy kits para sabay sabay na sa isang shipment! :D

  2. omg helen gusto ko yung stamps!! i hope may caboodle box online :(

    1. Online tlaga sila! ;) Super sulit ng stamps! Nakakita ako sa ibang online store, P500 benta nila dun sa same sa nabili ko.

  3. Cute haul!!! I want the book lamp... perfect for a bookworm like me! :-)

    1. Get it na! Super worth it. I'm loving mine. :)


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