Monday, November 10, 2014

Olay Natural White Body Bars (Vitamin C & Papaya Extract)

Here in the Philippines, you'd see an entire shelf at the supermarket dedicated to whitening products. Some of the more popular ones contain either kojic acid or papaya extracts, which are known for their effective skin lightening benefits. There are so many whitening soaps available in the market today, but if you're looking for something that gently reveals your skin's natural fairness without the tingling/burning sensation, then you might want to give these Olay Natural White Body Bars a try.

What's nice about these bars - they contain the same ingredients as Olay's skin creams. My first encounter with Olay was when I was a kid. I remember seeing my Mom use "Oil of Olay" moisturizer every night before going to sleep. Now, she uses Olay Total Effects. She wouldn't let anything else touch her face but Olay, and at 54 years old, she has good skin!

Olay Natural White Body Bars come in 2 variants: Papaya Extract (especially made for the Philippines) and Vitamin C.

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness with Papaya Extract

About the product: 

Papaya extract + Olay cream in a bar? I'd love that! :D Between the two variants, I actually like this one better because of its sweet, fruity scent.

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness with Vitamin C

About the product: 

This bar contains the same Vitamin C that's also used in face creams, so it's gentle and not likely to cause any stinging. This bar has a fresh, powdery scent. 

Whenever I'd go on outdoor trips and get exposed to the sun, I'd turn pinkish then yellowish (ugh), but not really tanned. I'm more concerned with evening out my skin tone (like erasing the tan lines near my shoulders) versus whitening.

Given the nature of whitening soaps, I am glad that both variants do not easily melt. They lather well and make my skin feel really clean, fresh, and smooth. Olay Natural White Body Bars won't really make your skin drastically and unnaturally white. Instead, it just works on revealing your skin's natural fairness, giving it a more even, healthier look over time. However, these soaps aren't moisturizing so you may want to apply lotion afterwards.

Olay Natural White Body Bars are available in variety of sizes in leading supermarkets, drug stores, and sari-sari stores, starting at P15.00. Like Olay on Facebook for more information.



  1. Hi! How long have you been using them? Are they effective? I use whitening soaps every once in a while too (after every time I tan from swimming or going to the beach), but I'm still not sure which product to settle on because I don't know what works. :(

    x Erika of Erika's Secret Closet

    1. I've used up the papaya variant in less than a month, but it doesn't drastically whiten. Maybe you can use this to maintain your skin, after whitening. ;)

  2. Thanks for this honest and thorough review, Helen. I'm still using my organic soaps (love them!), but this one's worth a try.

  3. I love the Olay brand especially their Total effects soap bar :) I read how effective it is on and I just can't get enough of it ever since! Love it sooo much :D Good for the skin!


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