Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pampering Day: Tony & Jackey and Stylash (Again!)

Oops, I did it again! :D

Remember my separate posts about Tony & Jackey and Stylash, both located in Fisher Mall? One weekend, I went for some full-on pampering - hair treatment, haircut, and lash extensions - all in a day's work.

First stop: Bang's Tony & Jackey, Fisher Mall

Last May, I had a haircut here and when I paid for the service, the cashier handed me 2 free keratin treatment vouchers (worth P1,500.00 each), which I use on my next visit. Not wanting to put the GC to waste, I visited the salon again for a trim and the free treatment.

When in Tony & Jackey, ask for the complimentary green tea (if it's not offered to you yet). ;)

With my stylist, Paulina

I used to think that salon hair treatments are just overpriced conditioners. The keratin treatment definitely wasn't. My hair was first washed, cut, then the treatment was applied on my hair. It was wrapped and steamed so the protein would penetrate deep into the hair strand.

The result? Super soft and manageable hair. It's been a week and my hair is still so easy to style. Here on this photo, my hair was just twirl-dried and it curled like this. So cute! :3 (Last time, my hair was in a drier state, and they used curling iron on it.)

Actually, I do posts like this to document my haircut diary. Haha! My hair goes from long to short now!

Price: P500.00 for the haircut + free Keratin Treatment (originally P1,500.00)

Second stop: Stylash Eyelash Salon, Fisher Mall

I was so happy with my Natural lash extensions last time, even though all of it was gone by the third week. I didn't miss my real, nonexistent lashes, so I had them done again.

Glamorous Lash Extensions at Stylash:
200 pieces (100 pieces/eye)
C shape curl

This one's an upgrade from my Natural lash extensions. The extensions on my left eye is curved a little lower, I don't know why. I experienced a bit stinging/tearing up towards the end of the procedure which got me really worried, since the extensions aren't supposed to get wet for 12 (to 24) hours. But no biggie, since it went away within a few minutes. It's been a week, and total fallout are just 4 strands (on my right eye).

I just LOVE lashes as long as these. Stylash, please keep the 50% off promo on, forever! :D

Price: P1,000.00 for the Glamorous Eyelash Extensions (but I got it at 50% off, so it was just P500.00)

Like Bang's Tony and Jackey and Stylash Eyelash Salon for more info. This is not a sponsored post. I'm just really happy with my hair and lashes. Hihi :D


  1. Wow. Your hair looks lovely! And oh, never heard about natural lashes extension before! Me gonna pass this on around to my friends. hihi.

    1. Thank you, Laarni! ;)

      Stylash is currently on a 30% off and 20% off promo. My recent extensions have passed the 1 month mark, marami parin! :)

  2. Arthiiii, hahaha! I need a new perm and dye job na rin, inggit!!!

  3. your new haircut looks good on you :)

  4. After the keratin treatnent, do you have to wait for three days or so before you can wash it with anything or can you do it a few hours after?
    Also, how about hair pins or scrunchies on the same day after the keratin treatment? Thanks in advance!

    1. You can skip washing it for a day so the treatment won't get washed off immediately, but no need to wait for 3 days. Pins and scrunchies are okay. This one's just a treatment for the hair's health, not to straighten or perm, so the pins won't deform your hair semi-permanently.


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