Sunday, December 8, 2013

Slappy Cakes: DIY Pancakes!

One weekend, my Dad and sisters dropped by Slappy Cakes at SM North EDSA The Block for a late lunch. Since I already ate real food, I decided to just have pancakes for dessert.

Slappy Cakes: All day breakfast, all day fun!

My sisters raved about Slappy Cakes before, so I got curious and excited at the thought of making my own pancakes at my own table!

  1. Choose a batter
  2. Pick some fixins
  3. Add some toppings!

In Slappy Cakes, you get to cook your own pancakes in a non-stick heated griddle (present at each table).

Buttermilk Batter (P225.00)

The pancake batters are served inside this 8oz. squeezy bottle per serving. We chose the buttermilk flavor, simple but good!

Blueberries (P75.00) & Creamy Peanut Butter (P80.00)

We then chose blueberries as fixin, and peanut butter as topping. On our table were complimentary maple and mango syrups.

Time to get cookin'!

It was my first time to "cook" pancakes, and Slappy Cakes made it seem so easy. (Now I want my own pancake griddle at home!)

Just dispense some batter on the griddle.

Wait for it to heat up and bubble.

Using the spatula, test the sides to see if it lifts without getting messy, then flip it over!

Add some fixins and or toppings. Mission accomplished!

Because we wanted to play cook longer, we decided to make small batches of pancakes instead of one huge piece. It's more fun this way. Haha! (Spot the hidden mickey!)

Here's my sister's creation: Turtle or human? :o

The total cost of this one was P380.00 + service charge. It's quite pricey for just pancakes, but you also pay for the fun experience so I think it's well worth it. I know I'm coming back to cook some more pancakes! :D

Have you tried making DIY pancakes? Like Slappy Cakes Philippines on Facebook for more information and updates!

Slappy Cakes SM North EDSA The Block
Contact info
Phone: (02) 909 3501



  1. im trying to convince mynoffice buddies to eat when we go to the firt, it looks fun kasi :D


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