Thursday, May 19, 2016

Welcome, Cathy Doll Philippines! ♥

Among all sorts of event invites I receive, it's always the makeup launches that excite me the most! Be it a new brand or a new collection, it never fails to leave me on a high note! When I got an invite from Nikki for Cathy Doll's launch here in the Philippines, it was an easy YES YES YES. Haha! I've actually seen Cathy Doll's kiosk in SM Megamall over the weekend, which got me even more excited for their launch just last Tuesday at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

This Korean-inspired brand is already making waves back home in Thailand, and also to neighboring Asian countries such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China! Cathy Doll takes pride in their super pretty and ultra girly packaging, but there is more than meets the eye - their products are very innovative, too. I was very pleasantly surprised to know that their products are super affordable! Imagine, nothing over P1,000! :o Also, the dolly theme is just too cute. I'm in my mid-20s and I still can't get enough of it. What more for my 10-years younger self?

When I arrived the venue, I was given this Cathy Doll Passport. The bubbly ladies at the reception area said that I'm going to love it. :3 There were 6 pages which corresponds to 6 booths I'm supposed to visit. Sounds like FUN!

Booth #1: Geisha Series

The geishas loved it and so will you
No wonder the dolls adore it too
Give it a spin and you'll discover
What this special house has to offer

Japanese – inspired collection of eye and lip make-up designed to bring out the most intense colours of life through lasting effects and moisturizing (lip matte) functions.

My recent addiction is matte liquid lipsticks, so my only problem was which shade to pick! Thank goodness Cathy Doll thought of skin tone harmony when they created the Geisha Hanazakari Lip Matte. I went for shade #04 Red Rose to match my pinkish-fair skin. Shade #01 Sakura is quite a lovely and innocent baby pink shade which I also liked. It's made for yellowish-fair skin which could also work for me, but light pink shades may accentuate my yellowish teeth so I went for red. RED is the way to go! :D

I also got the Geisha Moteru Gel Liner Pot in shade #01 Black because good news: I've finally learned how to line my eyes properly...after x years of blogging. Haha! I will definitely write about that soonest. Long-time readers know I've always skipped eye makeup because of laziness (gasp!), but not anymore! I'm so inspired. :>

Booth #2: Speed White CC Series

You see, the dolls love to play
They sing, they dance, they love to sway
But today we choose to play the card
So please pick one and get your reward

No. 1 Whitening series to correct skin color (color correcting) and effectively control oil, resist perspiration and protects against UV through a range of SPF values. Available in powder pact and CC cream tailored individually for face and body. Products contain Arbutin and Marine collagen that produce instant whitening results from the first use.

At the second booth, I picked a huge pink card which revealed a prize, either the Speed White CC Cream or Powder Pact. I've been planning to buy a new powder pact, so I wished to pick the powder version, and it was what I got! :D

Just look at the box! It's super cute! The pact inside is pink. Huhu! I'll retire my current pressed powder ASAP for this one. I chose the second shade though in Natural Beige, because from my past experience, the lightest shade of powder always looks bad on me. LOL I hope I'm right with this shade! :D

Booth #3: Ready 2 White Series

Porcelain white and glistening glow
Something to make you as white as snow
Roll the dice, make sure you're ready
'Cause what you get will make you happy

Whitening series that also brightens skin through advanced Nano Encapsulation technology to lock in moisture. Contains Glutathione, Arbutin and Milk protein for fast whitening result and snail secretion filtrate to improve skin elasticity and tighten aging skin.

I rolled the dice and got a huge bottle of Ready 2 White One Day Whitener Body Cleanser. (It's at the group shot below!) I love body wash more than bar soap, and this one from Cathy Doll has milk protein, Vitamin C, and arbutin - this combo will give your skin a natural glow and reduce dark spots! Did I say the bottle is HUGE? :D

Booth #4: Snail Series

They say beauty shines from within
And it certainly reflects on your skin
But let the dolls see through and examine
Let not your patience wear thin

Snail Pink and Snail Bright products contain Mucus Extract for tightening, firming and pore-reduction. Face & Body DD cream is good for all skin tones and skin types. Lightweight and non-greasy, you can be sure of instant whitening result and flawless coverage of face & body through the powers of snail!

At this booth, the lady used an oil blotting paper to refresh my skin and check my skin type. After that, she recommended me Snail Pink to shrink my pores.

It says "Serum" on the label, but the directions say to use this in the final stage of your skin care routine. My current moisturizer is about to run out, so Cathy Doll Snail Pink Pore Reducing Serum for Oily Skin is next on my "to test" list!

Booth #5: Splash Essence Series

Splash, splash, splash, the dolls are having fun
You could be as radiant as the sun
A sweet and lovely thing is coming your way
So aim carefully to get the giveaway

Formulated with Onsen mineral drops, the splash essence items individually contains Arbutin, L-Glutathione and Goat Milk extract for instant whitening, brightening and firming of skin. Also act as a primer to lay a good foundation for a pore-less finish to daily makeup.

At this booth, I threw a ping pong ball at the variant off Cathy Doll Splash Essence I wanted to get.

The pink one is for whitening, while the blue one is for softening, so I went for the gold one which was for firming (you know, wrinkles...)! I admit I'm not getting any younger.

It has gold flecks and bee venom . Bee venom is also used to treat acne, so I get radiant + trouble-free skin in one go!

Booth #6: L-Glutathione Magic Cream

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all?
With a touch of magic in your hands
You sure don't need those fancy wands
The dolls will call her Miss Selca Queen
And she would get the grandest win!

Available in 8ml (sachet), 60ml & 138ml, this hot seller can be used for both face and body and contains L-Glutathione to effectively whiten skin while protecting our skin against UV with SPF 50 PA+++.

#WelcomeCathyDoll ♥

At this booth, I had to take a selfie using the cute Cathy Doll props, and I got a sunscreen for that! Yay!

This magic cream has SPF 50 PA+++ and l-glutatione to protect and whiten the skin. It also has menthol to ward of the sun's heat and give your skin an intense cooling sensation. I LIKE!

There were a lot of lucky dolls during the event who won prizes, and as if the booths weren't generous enough, we were handed a heavy (not complaining) loot bag after the event. Thank you so much for these, Cathy Doll Philippines! You're the sweetest doll. :>

Cathy Doll is available at the following locations:
  • Watsons - SM San Lazaro, SM Fairview, SM Manila, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM SouthMall, Robinsons Ermita, Market Market
  • The SM Store Beauty Section - SM Makati
  • Robinsons Department Stores - Ermita, Metro East, Festival, Magnolia

Now there's no need to buy online just to get your Cathy Doll fix. No more shipping fee, no risks of getting fake products, and only the best prices because Cathy Doll is now officially here in the Philippines. I'm hoping that soon they'll be opening stand-alone stores with a dollhouse theme; that would be so lovely! :D

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  1. Does the Splash Essence Series can be use like the normal essence? I've seen this brand in SM Manila and when I tried the product it seems like a cream

    1. Yeah, it seems like a hybrid product. If the moisturizing power is enough, then I think you're good to go.

  2. can i ask where can i buy this product? is it out in the beauty store or something..?

  3. Where is the nearest branch of Cathy doll.i already tried it and it works to me I love it


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