Wednesday, January 13, 2016

YiLinker Shopping + Haul

I consider myself as a shopper with a purpose, so I don't usually go walking aimlessly in the mall. I'll be there when I have to buy something, but if not, I'd rather stay home. Time is gold! :D However, online shopping makes things so convenient. Now, I don't even need to step out of the house!

I introduced YiLinker to you before, and now I'll be sharing with you my shopping experience!

You can either shop via web or download their mobile app. I prefer the mobile app since it's more convenient! Like, I can shop even while lying down. (Ugh, that sounded so lazy. But you get the point.) Also, if you use the YiLinker app to purchase any product worth P500 and above, you get P500 discount on your next purchase!

Also, there's the daily login promo! The app is very easy to browse and navigate. There aren't a lot of items yet, since the site is still quite new. This site connects buyers and sellers in one place, so if you want to sell your products here, you may want to get in touch with them!

Here's my shopping cart! I bought a rose gold Casio watch for me, a W5 Smart Watch for my Panda (SURPRISE! if you're reading this. Haha), and a Hanabishi Electric Oven (for my future LOL) last Saturday morning.

Shopping here is easy, fast, and convenient. They offer free shipping within Metro Manila and accept payments via COD. I ordered these last Saturday morning (January 9), and 2 out of 3 items (Casio and Hanabishi) arrived on Tuesday (January 12).

I also joined their Hovertax Hoverboard promo, no purchase necessary. Just create an account and join the e-raffle!

And here's my haul!

Hanabishi Electric Oven HEO-17R (P2,639.34)

It's not everyday you buy an electric oven online. But I love how convenient the setup is. Had I bought this in the mall, I would've spent on taxi money or gas, plus parking fee, and food (in case I get hungry). YiLinker made me realize I can skip all those. I'm excited to try baking this 2016. I only hope to make a decent cake. Haha!
Casio Vintage Women's Rose Gold Stainless Steel Strap Watch (P1,949)

My other watches have retired, and I'm currently using my 2-year old Ice Watch in blue, but I can't be sporting  blue watch everyday, so I got one in a more neutral color and style. I just adjusted the strap just now. I'm very happy with this purchase!
W5 Smart Watch (P660)
Update: The W5 Smart Watch arrived last January 15, a day after I emailed YiLinker's customer service to follow up on the item, since the seller ignored my message.

This watch looks simple and sleek, but the pedometer and calorie monitor isn't the best one in the market. Better go for mid-priced ones instead of this one.

Also, while looking around, I spotted my Asus Zenfone Selfie being sold at the best price (P11,875) so far. I got mine for P11,995 last November, and it's still pretty much the same price until now in most stores.

Visit now to start shopping! Like YiLinker Philippines on Facebook for more information.


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  1. Hey you, beautiful! Please let me know how the oven goes. I need a new oven!!! Love your new watch.

    1. Sure, love! I haven't started baking though, but I might soon kasi mas may time na ko. :)


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