Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

One unsung skin hero I have in my beauty stash is Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel. It's been with me for quite some time now, but I use it mostly after I come home from vacations with sunburned skin. This one gives my hot and bothered skin instant cooling relief! Because of that, every time I open this jar and use it, the scent reminds me of my outdoorsy beach trips and hikes. Because of the unpredictable but mostly humid weather we're having lately, I find myself using this soothing gel every night for lightweight moisturization.

I know a lot of Korean beauty brands have their own version of aloe gels, but my first encounter is with Nature Republic's. I love how it's so versatile; you can use it on your hair, face, and body!

  1. Moisturizing cream or mask pack
  2. Base make-up
  3. After shave cream
  4. Hair treatment
  5. Relax swollen eyes
  6. Nail essence
  7. Body care
  8. Mask pack for relaxing sunburns

Of course, natural is always best, and I'm referring to the actual aloe plant leaves. We had some in pots when I was in grade school, and I remember one time I plucked one leaf out, and aloe juice started oozing out. o_o Had I known back then that it was a beauty secret for healthy skin, I would have rubbed it all over my body. Haha. This product has 92% aloe leaf extract as its main ingredient, which is almost close to nature's best. (Plus points for convenience!)

When you open the main lid, there is a second thin plastic lid with the logo of "Nature Republic" embossed on it. It usually sticks on to the cap, so I ignore it. I am not a fan of this type of packaging if I were to use this product on my face for hygienic reasons. If it came in a tube similar to Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Cream, it would definitely be better.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel comes in a transparent clear gel - as natural as it gets. I love using it at night since it cools down my skin and moisturizes it without ever feeling greasy. It takes a short while to be fully absorbed, but once it settles, my skin feels hydrated and soft. I use this just on my body (arms, legs, and torso) for happy skin! I use a separate body butter for my feet (particularly heels), since they require a heavier moisturizer.

For the face, I read a tip from Makeup Alley that you can mix this aloe gel with tea tree oil to treat pimples. I'm curious on how it will work out for me, so I might just do that next for when I get my hands on a bottle of tea tree oil.

For the hair, this product can reduce "fluffiness" and the look of dry hair when used sparingly. (Yes, it's not sticky!)

I can tell why this product is Nature Republic's bestseller. I actually received this as a gift last Christmas, where my former Life Group leader from church raved about how this product made her feel very relaxed and helped her to have a good night's sleep, hence the sticky note. ;)

Price: P245 
Available at the following Nature Republic stores:
  • Festival Supermall – Alabang (1/F)
  • SM Megamall (4/F)
  • SM City North EDSA – Main Building (2/F)
  • Sta. Lucia East Mall (2/F)
  • Fairview Terraces (1/F)
  • Alabang Town Center (1/F)
  • SM City Fairview (UGF)
  • Landmark Trinoma & Makati (kiosks)

Also, be wary of unauthorized online sellers since even this product (which already has a very affordable price) has counterfeits. Like Nature Republic Philippines on Facebook for more information.



  1. I fnished 3 tubs of this, if only nature republic is nearer my place, I would have probably used 6 or ten tubs already! I use it on my face, body, hair and mix it with bb cream or pump (since I transfer it to a pump bottle) a load of it to a cotton pad and use it as a lip mask!

    1. Woah! This looks like your ultimate fave. I like the BB cream tip, this can work as a volumer for BBs, and I like the pump bottle trick since it keeps the product clean. (No double dipping of dirty hands!)

  2. It's my night moisturizer and haven't had dry sections on my face since...

  3. I used mine up last summer. It's the best at keeping skin moisturized through the hotter months without giving up the hydration routine coz of the crazy humid weather.

    1. I agree. It's a treat for the skin during hot climate! Super cooling and refreshing. <3

  4. Glad to hear someone else's thoughts on this product. It worked well for me. Check out my review on it! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your review, Audrey! :)

  5. Is it okay to use it to get rid off the blemishes? I am planning to buy one after Christmas.

  6. Is it okay to use it to get rid off the blemishes? I am planning to buy one after Christmas.

  7. Is it okay to use it to get rid off the blemishes? I am planning to buy one after Christmas.

  8. this is only 180 in althea ph. :)

  9. Is this available in iloilo?


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