Thursday, July 2, 2015

Eyebrow Threading at Lay Bare Fisher Mall

Whenever I go to the beach, all I wear are sunblock and lip balm. No makeup at all, not even eyebrow makeup! However, I had let my brows grow for months without maintaining them ('cause I'm bad like that), and I didn't want to pluck them by myself (oh the pain!), hence I dropped by Lay Bare at Fisher Mall for the first time to get my brows done.

It's been years since my last visit to any Lay Bare branch, and the one in Fisher Mall was bright, pleasant, and fairly new, having opened just over a year ago. Since I went on a weekday, the place wasn't packed and I was able to get my brows done as soon as I arrived.

Here, you lie down as your brows are fixed. (At Browhaus, you sit on a dentist-like chair.) Petroleum jelly was applied first to remove makeup from my eye area. (I prefer they use wipes, but next time I'll just wash my face before getting my brows done.) Since my brows had grown long, the threading procedure was painful but tolerable. My aesthetician was done in around 10-15 minutes, and she applied a soothing antibacterial cream afterwards. The redness subsided after a few minutes.


Hooray for clean groomed brows! It was easier for me to apply brow powder the morning after, since no stray hairs were in sight.

Don't miss out on Lay Bare's birthday promo! You get free eyebrow threading on your birth month.

Finally, no need to go to Makati to have my brows threaded. I'm happy to have found a place so near for my hair removal needs. I'll be back for sure! :D

Price: P110

Lay Bare Fisher Mall
3F Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave cor. Roosevelt Ave., Quezon City
Phone/Fax: 3323192
Branch FB: Lay Bare Fisher Mall



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