Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Etude House Skin Note Calming Face Hydrogel Mask

Overtime work is causing my skin to lose its glow, and my game plan is to fight the haggard look with my ultimate favorite quick fix - weekly face masks! ♥

I've tried a lot of sheet masks before, but a hydrogel mask is something new for me. This range comes in 5 variants, such as brightening, pore tightening, lifting, calming & relaxing, and deep moisturizing.

The one I tried is the calming variant, with aloe and glacial water.


This is a Hydrogel mask, containing aloe and glacial water, snugly hugging the face to soothe and freshen up exhausted and irritated skin.

I used this face mask one night, when I had only 3 hours of sleep the day before. My skin was so dull and my cheeks were flaky then.

The mask is made from a hydrogel material, not your typical paper-like material in more affordable masks. It feels slippery on the skin at first, but once you place it properly, it shouldn't move around anymore. To save you from seeing my entire face wrapped with the mask, here's a tiny preview. Haha!

The material reminds me of Laneige Apple Zone Mask, wherein the mask feels like cooling gel on the skin.

The mask itself feels cooling and refreshing on the skin. The fit is snug, so the essence is "pushed" into the skin more. The scent is subtle, barely noticeable. I just leave this on for 20 minutes, and when I remove it, the hydrogel mask no longer feels cool to touch since it has already worked its magic on my skin. My pores are tightened and my skin feels soft and supple.

  • 5 variants available
  • Contains a lot of essence - enough for the face and neck
  • Subtle fragrance
  • More durable than sheet masks
  • Feels cool on the skin
  • Hydrates the skin so dry patches are gone in just 20 minutes
  • Makes pores look less visible

  • Pricey for a face mask

Price: P148.00
Available in all Etude House stores nationwide

Despite the price, I'm actually keen on trying out the other variants. This will be my face mask "splurge" on days when I need a super skincare boost. But on days when I'm just bored, I'd still get those way more affordable fruity sheet masks (priced at P58.00) also from Etude House.

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  1. May ganito rin yun TCFS, I feel the exact same way about it! Maybe the aloe is better for beach days when we're slightly burned, yes? :D

    1. Yes, I agree. I love the effect aloe gives my skin, super soothing and hydrating. :)


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