Monday, June 2, 2014

The New Shakey's 1954 Pizza + Monster Meal Deal

Want to know a secret?

Shakey's has recently launched a Tasty Throwback as they innovate with another iconic product to add to their menu: The New Shakey’s Pizza 1954.

Now at its 60th year, 1954 marked a great year for pizza with the launch of the first Shakey’s Pizza parlor in the USA. (The first Philippine branch opened in 1975 in Makati, soon followed by stores all over the metro.)

Shakey’s Pizza 1954 comes in this unique rectangular box to retain the vintage feel, as this was how pizzas were packaged back then. This pizza is a salute to the amazing taste that has built the brand and made Shakey’s a name in creating good times and great memories.

The secret’s in the crust - with a new chewy, soft, delectable dough base that is sure to leave mouths watering and appetites satisfied. The new Shakey’s Pizza 1954 is classified as a contemporary gourmet pizza - with only the freshest ingredients and quality and exceptional flavor combinations.

So what's in the The New Shakey’s Pizza 1954?

Fresh Rosemary and Basil leaves, juicy morsels of Italian sausage and Angus beef, slices of Pepperoni, 100% Mozzarella cheese, savory red onions, and a sprinkling of Parmesan rest atop a yummy soft gourmet dough crust of another tantalizing Shakey’s original.

Shakey’s Pizza 1954 surely doesn't skimp on flavorful toppings - everything you want in a pizza is here. The dough crust was crisp on the outside but soft and buttery on the side.

A new favorite drink of mine is Shakey's Lemon Cucumber Cooler. It's sweet, refreshing, and detoxifying at the same time. Perfect for hot days!

You stand a chance to win a Mini Cooper when you dine at Shakeys! Order the Pizza 1954 with pitcher or bottomless Coca-Cola product OR Monster Meal Deal with Pizza 1954 as pizza variant.

Oh, Mini Cooper. You'll soon be mine! :D

After the launch, I still couldn't get over the Shakey's 1954 Pizza and my Mini Cooper dreams, so last weekend I treated my family to a Shakey's dinner in their newly renovated branch in Quezon Avenue. This branch is their biggest one in the Philippines. While the service was okay, the place was a bit noisy (since there were too many people), so next time I think we'll just go to their Tomas Morato branch.

I ordered for us the Monster Meal Deal (P2,130.00), which is good for 10-12 pax. The set meal includes the following items:

  • 2 platters of rich and flavorful pasta

Carbonara Supreme
A rich combination of creamy white sauce with flavorful bacon, ham and shittake mushrooms topped with grated premium parmesan cheese, bacon bits, and fresh chopped parsley. Served with Garlic Bread.

Classic Spaghetti
A hefty serving of Shakey's Classic Spaghetti served with Garlic Bread.

  • 1 Awesome twosome 12 pieces Chicken 'n' Mojos Party Pack

  • 2 Large crisp brick-oven baked pizza

Angus Steakhouse
Premium pizza made from specially blended Angus Beef with roasted onions and sliced mushrooms topped with our crunchy potato strings. A GRAND steak out!

Shakey's 1954

  • 3 Pitchers of ice cold Coke (but you can also choose iced tea)

The Monster Meal deal was definitely worth it, since you don't have to spend a lot to eat a lot. (Now thinking of celebrating my birthday in Shakey's, even if its still months away!) Have you tried the new Shakey's 1954 Pizza? How do you find it? :)

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