Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day Trip: Sandbox at Alviera (Porac, Pampanga)

Every month brings about a brand new adventure! To kick-start June, I went with my church and traveling friends to Sandbox at Alviera, located in Porac, Pampanga.

Sandbox is an adventure camp built by Ayala Land. It's not your ordinary kiddie amusement park as it offers thrilling attractions such as the Giant Swing (which is the tallest swing in the Philippines), Avatar One (Asia’s first-ever roller coaster zip-line), and more! 

It was a hot and sunny day when we arrived. There was actually not too many people at the venue that day. However, Sandbox needed to arrange their system more. When we arrived, no one was advising people on where to line up for the waivers, checklists, and payments. Also, the cashier was extremely slow in processing payments, I don't know why.

Anyway, here are the attractions you can experience at Sandbox! Since I was nursing a fever that day, I only went for 2 (Aerial Walk and Avatar One).

Giant Swing

Friends say this one's like Enchanted Kingdom's "Anchors Away" ride, only this time it will be just you and your seatmate. How fun is that! If I were to try the Giant Swing, I think I would vomit right after. But my friends did enjoy it, and some even did it 3x (but against their will). Haha!

Adventure Tower

At the Adventure Tower, you can do a LOT of activities. On one side, there's Wall Climbing, then Rappel Wall, then Free Fall, then you also go up here (via stairs) for when you're going to ride Avatar One. But I find it inefficient that you can do just one activity at a time, and then you'd have to fall in line again to do the next, even if you're thisclose to the next activity. (For example, they'll harness you up and you climb the wall. When you reach the top, you cannot go straight to Free Fall. You have to go back down, wherein they will remove the harness, and you'll fall in line again, and when it's your turn they'll harness you up again, then you go up the tower via stairs, then can you jump down. Like crazy.)

Wall Climbing

We are very proud of our brother Tim for reaching the top of the wall effortlessly!

Avatar One

Everyone wants to try this roller coaster zip-line! This ride was done in just a few minutes (or seconds, I wasn't counting), but it was so fun!

Aerial Walk

My favorite attraction from Sandbox would be this. Aerial Walk is a high rope adventure and obstacle course that will test your strength and stamina!

This was just the start. You'll have to pass through ropes and shaky bamboo poles like Dani did.

And climb stairs with gaps to reach the higher posts, just like Linx here. (I'm already scared of MMDA Footbridges with gaps on each step, but I like these steps in Aerial Walk better since I'm tied to a harness.) 

Then zip-line yourself (!) like Elmore and Char did here. Zip-lining yourself is a very nerve wracking processes! You hook your harness on the wire cables by yourself, sit on the edge of the small "ladder" then jump off. It took a lot of willpower to convince myself to jump off, but it was so fun. On my second zip-line, I hooked my harness on the higher wire by mistake, so when I reached the second post, I couldn't unhook my harness! :o Thank God my friend Chris was there to save the day, or else the guard/kuya would have to climb up the post and do it for me. Haha!


After the zip-line, when you reach towards the end of the obstacle course you'll pass through a rope web like Benny did and rock climb like Mr. Stranger! These are just a few of the activities in the Aerial Walk. Average time to finish this challenge would be 30 minutes to 1 hour. I finished mine in 45 minutes, maybe next time I'll cut that to half (like my friend Neil who was done in 20 minutes!).

As usual, a mandatory photo-op with Benny is required. You may stalk our previous taas kamay at paa shots here

  • Park Entrance Fee: P75
  • Giant Swing: P100
  • Aerial Walk: P150
  • Free Fall: P100
  • Rappel Wall: 50 
  • Wall Climbing: 50 
  • Avatar One (Roller Coaster Zip-line): P150
  • Mini Golf: P150
  • ATV: P2,500/hour
  • UTV: P3,500/hour

  • Package A (P600): Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Wall Climb, Avatar One, Mini Golf, Pump Track, Entrance
  • Package B (P520): Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Wall Climb, Avatar One, Pump Track, Entrance
  • Package C (P480): Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Free Fall, Avatar One, Pump Track, Entrance
  • Package D (P370): Giant Swing, Free Fall, Avatar One, Pump Track, Entrance
  • Package E (P340): Choose 2 activity, Pump Track, Park Entrance

When we went, I wasn't sure if the 5,000 sqm course of Pump Track (for bikers) was already available. We didn't bother with the Mini Golf since it wasn't so adventurous, and the weather was too hot. We also didn't mind the ATV and UTV since rental rates were too pricey.

Things to Bring:
  • Extra shirt
  • Cap/shades/umbrella
  • Rubber shoes (or any non-slip closed shoes)
  • Sunblock - lots of it!
  • Water

They also sell food (like burgers) and drinks (like shakes and juices) for about P50 each, which is pretty reasonable.

Complete Attendance:
Linx, Cindy, Raymond, Jat, Chris, Gilly, Tim, Gen, Aldric, Alandale, Jerome, Benny, Merwin, Char, Helen, Neil, Kimber, Kath, Elmore, Dani, Jen, and Jeff
Until our next trip! :D

We definitely had a lot of fun at Sandbox, but they still have a lot to improve on. Perhaps a roof to shelter us from the sun (and rain) would be better for business. Plus more attractions to make the most of the vast land at Alviera.

Sandbox is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 9:00AM to 5:00PM. My tip for you is to arrive before 9:00AM since you'll have to register for the attractions, and there's also a cutoff (for when there are too many guests). For more information, you may contact them directly at 09178733781.

This trip was brought to you by #TopeTravelandTours.


Photo Credits: Christopher Chan and Charlynn Lim
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  1. The rope web was one of d hardest in d aerial walk! Experienced being spiderwoman with that, as well as d wallclimbing! #superhero peg hahaha. But despite getting sunburned and having a bodyache d next day, everything was worth it. Nice place with great company equals funfunfunnnn!!!

    1. Super fun! Can't wait for our next trip. For now, rest na muna. :)

  2. Wow! Me and my boyfriend are planning to go here on my birthday. Thanks for sharing Ms. Helen. I'm so excited :)

    Nica | Couple Diaries

    1. Wow, so nice that you're celebrating your birthday here! :D Take lots of pics!

  3. Babalik ako ditooooo! I havent tried the roller coaster zipline yet. Haha :)

  4. So this is Sandbox! One of my friends is telling me about it since I live in Pampanga na. He was talking about minigolf! Your post was just in the nick of time, Helen. Thanks! :)


    1. Wag na yung minigolf! Hahaha. Super lapit mo lang pala here, Gel! Go na. :)

  5. hello :) unlimited ba to? for example we pay for package A, so pwedi bang ulit - ulitin?

    1. Hi! Hindi siya unlimited eh, once lang per attraction. :)

  6. Hi Ms. Helen, pede mo po bang ituro ang transportation kapag commute lng po salamat

    1. Hi Mhyle, sorry hindi ako marunong mag commute papuntang Sandbox.

  7. mga mgkno kaya mggstos sa lhat kung itatry lht?>

  8. Been there last year too, lahat ni try namin kaso yung Aerial Walk Challenge hindi available daw.. Babalik kami jan soon to try yung ATV naman. :)

    1. Masaya pa naman ung Aerial Walk. May bago din silang archery range! :D

    2. Ah talaga mukhang dumadami mga activities nila dun ah hehe..

  9. hi pano mag avail nung package?

    1. Dun ka sa registration area mismo pipili ng package.


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