Monday, May 5, 2014

Half-Leg Waxing at Pink Parlour

Last Friday, I went back to Pink Parlour in SM North EDSA The Block for another waxing treatment. Aside from the usual Brazilian, I also had a half-leg wax, something I'm doing for the very first time here.

As usual, cute kitty is ever present in each private treatment room.

Waxing Half-Leg
Uses quality strip wax for super efficient and fast waxing. Different formulations are available to suite different skin type and hair needs including hypoallergenic formulation. No breakage or sticky residue! Half Leg waxes from above the knee to toes.

For the half-leg wax, a different kind of wax was used. (Not the usual pink hard wax.) It was a soft kind of dark blue wax, wherein seconds after application, a strip of cloth was used to remove the wax (together with the hair). It's painless, and it took only around 5 minutes or so for both my legs. (Disclaimer: I'm not really hairy to begin with; I just wanted it to look perfect.)

The result: Soft, smooth, and shiny hair-free legs! I could get used to this. My skin felt a lot smoother because the dead skin cells that resemble scales (yuck) all got exfoliated when the wax was pulled away from the skin.

Pink Parlour also offers packages if you're planning to avail of their services on a regular basis.

Therapist: Ms. Leah
Price: P600.00 for a half-leg wax

Pink Parlour SM North EDSA
5th Floor, Unit 500a-500b ANE The Block
Booking Hotline: 709-7093
SMS/Whats Up Bookings: +639176252797

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  1. For the legs I DIY it... Hindi sulit because I'm like a naked mole rat lol. I don't regularly do it but that reminds me, I should wax soon :>

    1. Naked mole rat din ako, Tellie. Haha! Pag nagtitipid ako I just Veet it at home. :)


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