Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's Your Love Vibe?

May I ask, how was your Valentine's Day?

Well, mine was extraordinary. I planned on going home from work as soon as the clock struck 5:00PM to avoid the Valentine's Day/Friday/payday traffic. But still, my usual 30-minute trip home got stretched to 2 hours! o_o

But when you know you're going home to someone you love, that won't matter at all! I'd like you all to meet the love of my life, Daphne! (No, she's not my daughter. Haha)

Daphne is my cute little 3-year old niece, and I am so blessed to have her. Since we live in the same house, I get to see her in the morning before going to the office, and I get to play with her at night for when I come home! On the nights that I am hooked to the computer, typing away on my blog, it's only Daphne who can move me off my spot with three simple words (plus a lot of pulling my hand on her part), "Auntie Helen, come!" We love bonding over tea parties, doll houses, and makeovers. Best part is, she loves saying "Ang ganda!" (in a baklang bakla way). Oh yes, her auntie taught her well.

Oh, I'd love to take more playtime selfies with Daphne with the new Lenovo Vibe X from Lenovo Philippines! How about you, what's your love vibe? ♥


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