Thursday, February 13, 2014

Diode Laser at SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center

Getting my underarms lasered is something I've always wanted to do. What just holds me back from trying are the risks on my skin getting burned (when administered  improperly) and the high costs of the procedure.

Finally, I did it! I chose SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center inside The Spa Wellness in Shangri-La East Wing. I booked my appointment for last Saturday, and received a text last Friday night reminding me of my schedule.

Since it was my first time at SKIN, I filled out some forms before starting with the procedure. The lounge area was really nice and comfy, and I also got to enjoy a hot cup of ginger tea while waiting.

Treatment Room at SKIN

After less than 5 minutes, I was led to the treatment room. It looked really bright, clean, and pleasant - not intimidating at all!

On the left (beside the green leaves) lies a hidden cabinet where you can keep your things while the procedure is being done.

What I appreciate most about SKIN is that they have highly-trained skin doctors accredited by the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) who conduct consultations and administer procedures. It's not just the aestheticians or therapists who will be administering the laser, but an actual dermatologist, which means you are in good hands. Lasers are risky business, after all.

Diode Laser is the gold standard for hair reduction, setting new standards for efficacy, safety, and speed. Non-invasive with no down time. 6 to 8 sessions for optimal results.


The hair pigment (i.e. color) absorbs the optical laser and radiofrequency energies, converting these energies into heat that permanently destroys or injures the hair follicle, thus making it unable to continue to grow hair. Because not all hair is in the growing phase at the same time, a series of treatments is necessary to achieve long-term hair reduction. Laser treatments are repeated every four to six weeks.


The resident dermatologist of SKIN explained to me the state of the art equipment they use. Syneron elos Plus has 3 functions: Motif LHR, Sublative RF, and AC. Motif LHR is what they use for hair reduction, while the latter are more for acne concerns. She chose the setting Skin Type III for my skin, based on my skin tone.

Tip: Do not pluck or wax prior to getting diode laser done. Shaving is okay.

Diode laser attacks the hair follicle. If you pluck the hair out from the root, the laser won't be able to "sense" the hair in that area. If you just shave it, the root of the hair will still be visible, hence the laser could kill it - resulting to zero or just a few regrowth after a couple of sessions.

Before the treatment, in changed into a towel/robe. My underarms were shaved with a new, disposable razor and mapped (so the laser won't go beyond that point). After that, my underarms were iced with the yellow balloon for a few seconds, then a cooling gel was applied so the laser won't feel as hot or burn my skin. The 3 shades you see are meant to protect the eyes from the laser - one for me, one for the dermatologist, and one for the nurse.

The technique the dermatologist used on me was the less painful one wherein she covered a large area and went over it for several times. That technique is best for 1st timers like me. On my 4th or succeeding visits, she would use another technique that would enable more concentrated pulse movements - that one would feel like a rubber band snapping on my skin.

As for the pain, it was minimal. It's even less painful than waxing! Within 10 minutes, I was done with both underarms. The nurses iced, cleansed, and moisturized my skin. I was told to not touch or do anything to my underarms for 2 weeks, and that the regrowth would fall off on its own. (I can't wait to see that!)

  • P4,000 for 1 session
  • P24,000 for 6+2 sessions

My underarm diode laser experience at SKIN went well. If things do work out, I might consider getting the package (so I'll get to save some money). Will definitely let you know when I do! For now, feel free to Like SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center on Facebook for more information on their services.

SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center
Inside The Spa Wellness Shangri-La Plaza
6/F Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City
Tel. 656-7878 / 656-6868 / 0927-3089850
Visit for more details.



  1. i have no problem with my underarms, pero gusto ko sa legs magpalaser pero di ko keri. nice if the hair will just fall off on it's own

    1. Mas hassle pag sa legs eh it would take about more than an hour siguro since it's such a huge area of skin (and hair). Yes, sana nga lagi nalang siya nag ffall off on its own. Haha :P

  2. THat looks amazing.. too bad in Toronto there's nothing like that! :(

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Miss Hana Eyeliners [Rev + Tutorial]

    1. I read somewhere that laser costs cheap in other countries, but here in the Philippines good ones would cost an arm and leg. (Like this!) I'm hoping they go on promo soon. :)


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