Friday, June 8, 2012

Give In To Your Caramel Dreams

Maybe if I dreamt that I was swimming in a pool of caramel, then I wouldn't wake up. Last Sunday, I gave in to my caramel dreams at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Open House. Everyone who went got to try their latest caramel-themed drinks for free!

There were 3 featured drinks that were up for grabs that day. Caramel Cream Tea Latte and Caramel Macchiato for those who like it hot, and Caramel Ice Blended drink for those who love frappes.


I went there together with my family to make the experience more special. We loved the cozy and peaceful ambiance of their Trinoma (Al Fresco) branch.

After we ordered our drinks, we were given this electronic coaster that lights up and buzzes when our drinks are all ready for pickup at the counter.


While waiting, my sister and I helped ourselves with this deliciously creamy and slightly tangy slice of Chicago Cheesecake.

Chicago Cheesecake
Say cheese to the award-winning bestseller: Satiny, melt-in-your-mouth, with a touch of lemon for oomph!

We only tried 2 variants that day. This one was for my sister, and I ordered the Caramel Ice Blended drink.

Caramel Macchiato
Sweet caramel and fresh espresso topped with foamed milk

Caramel Ice Blended drink
Sweet Caramel, French Deluxe Vanilla, espresso and ice, blended to perfection

See the golden, buttery caramel swirls? They're so tempting that I immediately had to sip it. I initially thought that it would taste like a sweet kiddie drink. It's is not too sweet as I expected it to be, considering that it's made with caramel. The hints of espresso combined with the sweetness of caramel and milk was a perfect combo. The kick of coffee was still there, and I prefer this flavor over other stronger coffee mixes (as this won't cause me hyper-acidity compared to stronger brews).

Here are the lovely baristas of CBTL Trinoma who made our coffee with love!

Thanks for the open house, CBTL! It was my parents' first time to go to your store and we all had a wonderful experience. I'll make sure that we'll go to your store more often for our morning coffee dates. :)



  1. man! that cheesecake looks scrumptious.. :)

    1. One of the best I've tried! Kelangan talaga may kashare because it's so dense, thick and flavorful. :)

  2. I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!! D:

    1. Drop by their stores pag nag open house sila ulit para free. Haha! :D

  3. i seriously like CBTL more than Starbucks. Besides the caramel macchiato, I also very much enjoy their English Breakfast tea and Chai Tea Latte. Both are sooo, sooo good! And before, they used to have a pistachio sansrival which was also good but now they phased it out :(

    1. Oh, we're the same! I prefer CBTL more than Starbucks. Mas peaceful e and I like the drinks better here. :)


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