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Beauty Lab Whitening Review

If you're into skin whitening, but find conventional soaps, lotions and glutathione to take a while before showing its effects, I have an amazing discovery for you! Just yesterday, I went to Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss Lab White located at Bonifacio Stopover. It would take me a LOT just to go to Fort, but for the love of beauty... Alam niyo na yan! ;) 

Beauty Lab Whitening is a new whitening care special shop which offers systematic and effective treatments, products, consultation, and care. It's like a one-stop skin whitening shop which delivers instant results - meaning you can return to baby skin in just 1.5 hours. Curious? Read on!

Beauty Lab Whitening is a new specialized skin treatment facility perfected in Seoul by South Korean skin expert Suaviss that uses an innovative skincare technology to stimulate our body's natural production of collagen. (Collagen is the main structural protein found in the human body, and is literally what holds our cells together. As our body's collagen slowly breaks down, we get wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin. We become more susceptible to sun damage and blemishes, and acne tends to scar or last longer.)

To address these skin concerns Suaviss uses Red Light Collagen Therapy, a new kind of skin care technology that is widely popular in Korea. Several treatments have been clinically proven to boost skin elasticity, firmness, diminish wrinkles, and lighten skin tone.

I went there on a Friday afternoon and it was peaceful since everyone else were at work. The place was clean and well-lit.

Suaviss products are all 95% organic. The products on the top-most shelf aren't for sale since it's what they use for their in-house treatments, but the rest are home care treatments. (The peg of the display looks similar to Korean beauty boutiques we have here!)

I found an interesting skincare line by Suaviss that caters to people in their 20s.

Body wash that reminds me of The Body Shop's mini shower gel bottles.

Also, some beauty bundles so you could save money!

Prior to the treatment, I was given a questionnaire so they could assess how long I could spend time inside the R-630 machine - 10 to 15 minutes maximum.

Before treatment (SO EXCITED!)

But first, let me give you a room tour! Beauty Lab Whitening currently has 2 treatment rooms, so booking your appointment is highly encouraged. (In case you'll have to wait, there are a lot of restaurants at Bonifacio Stopover anyway. Hihi pagkain nanaman!)

There's a vanity table with a full length mirror on its left. On the table are some Suaviss products, and my favorite here is the Suaviss Colmado Blueberry Cleansing Milk. It took my makeup off in just a few swipes and it smells so good! Amoy juice! :D It's a no-rinse formula, perfect for lazy nights.

My favorite of course was the R-630 equipment! It looks like a giant ref, and it was quite intimidating to think that I'll be inside it but this was what I came here for. Beside it is a room with a bed where they'll be doing the full body scrub.

There was also a changing room where you could leave your things; don't worry since you'll be the only one using the room.

Now on to the procedure!

Step 1: Exfoliating

For the first part of the treatment, my entire body (including my face) was given a thorough exfoliating with the use of a volcanic ash pack while lying down. This is the gentler way to go, but equally effective as the conventional gritty scrubs we're used to. This step removes all the dead skin cells to improve skin tone, texture, and absorption of products. This took around 45 minutes and doubled as a massage.

Step 2: Preconditioning Ointment

After rinsing off the scrub, I dried my skin with a towel and my therapist applied a light white cream all over my entire body. It has a strong whitening effect that restrains formation of melanin cells which affects your skin tone. It also improves the skin tone as it moisturizes and whitens.

Step 3: Equipment Treatment R-630

The R-630 Collagen Light Facility is basically a machine that activates the body's cells to produce more collagen. It has 630mm wavelength lamp made by Cosmedico, Germany. (Knowing that it's German-made made me feel a whole lot safer!) It is inspired by NASA's technology used by astronauts to heal wounds faster in outer space. (SO COOL!) This technology is also used by athletes to help heal injured muscles quicker. The ray therapy uses the strongest and safest light in human history. This machine delivers light energy deep into the skin to aid rapid and effective delivery of whitening treatment substance. Recommended time in the machine is 10 minutes for better absorption.

Think of it as a reverse tanning bed. If a tanning bed offers you UV rays and skin darkening, this one gives you red light that produces collagen and even aids in skin whitening!

You have to be naked inside the machine, of course. I was allowed 15 minutes inside the machine. It wasn't painful, but it was warm inside. I initially wore goggles but took them off halfway since my eye area were already sweating. (Goggles aren't required, they're used just to protect your eyes from glare. But the light itself has no bad effects on the eyes unlike lasers.)

After going out of the machine, I drank water. Haha :P

Step 4: Post Conditioning Ointment

The last step protects and relaxes your skin.

After treatment
(It was late in the afternoon when I finished so the lighting was not as bright.)
My skin was a bit reddish immediately after the treatment, but it subsided after a few minutes when my body temperature normalized. 

The immediate effects I noticed were smoother and plumper skin! My therapist mentioned to me that my face was experiencing dryness again (while I thought it was oily), and I know it's because of the anti-acne products I'm using at the moment. After she was done with the facial, my skin felt so smooth! The Red Light Collagen Therapy also heals acne! I had a newborn pimple on my right temple prior to the treatment. It was painful to touch and it's going to be a huge one when left unattended, but now it has amazingly flattened.

As for my entire body, my skin was already fair to begin with, but it was taken up a notch. I had a few uneven parts due to swimming and outdoor activities earlier this year (aka tan lines on my shoulders and shorts marks on my thighs.) They weren't totally gone, but they have improved and evened out. I think 1 or 2 more sessions will do the trick! The dull yellow tones around my limbs and abdomen were a shade lighter after the treatment. Also, my torso used to experience a bit of flakiness due to dry skin, but now there was none at all! Overall, this treatment has made my skin more radiant and healthy.

There is no downtime for this treatment, and you can undergo your next one after 48 hours.

After the treatment, you won't need to purchase any home care product, since the treatment itself is already effective. (I also appreciate that they're not hard-sell with their products.) I admit that it's pricey but it works. I think the effect will be more pronounced on morena skin. Also, Beauty Lab Whitening is the only place here in the Philippines to offer Red Light Collagen Therapy. I'm still amazed, and I can't wait to go back!

Whitening Solution Full Body Treatment
  • Regular price - P5,000/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P19,500
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P27,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions + home care product) - P33,500

Whitening Solution Facial Treatment
  • Regular price - P2,500/session
  • Gold (5 sessions) - P11,000
  • Diamond (8 sessions) - P14,000
  • Platinum (10 sessions) - P16,000

Beauty Lab Whitening by Suaviss Lab White
Address: Unit 304, 3/F, Bonifacio Stopover, 31st Street cor. 2nd Avenue Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Telephone: 546-4601
Facebook: Beauty Lab Whitening PH
Instagram: @BeautyLabWhiteningPH

September 1, 2016 UPDATE: Just yesterday, I had my second session done, and was given a discount code to share with my readers and followers! :D If you want to try this service too, just mention the code BLWHELEN10 and enjoy a 10% discount! ❤ Call 546-4601 to book your appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome.

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  1. I wanna try. But for my feet lang sana cos it's darker than the rest of my body. Haha! Lookin great Helen :)

    1. Good news, Nadine! Gumagana siya sa feet. LOL like napansin ko pumuti rin feet ko.

      Not so good news, hindi puede feet alone yung treatment. Hehe

  2. Is tge whitening result permanent ansmd stay on your skin?


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