Friday, April 22, 2016

Oxygen x Billboard Launch

What happens fashion and music collide?

For Summer 2016, well-loved local fashion brand Oxygen has collaborated with Billboard, the world's premier source for trends and innovation and music. Oxygen has always encouraged people to make a statement, and this collection aims to help today’s youth to experience, discover, and celebrate their passion for music and fashion. 

To launch the Oxygen x Billboard collection, they held a huge event last week for everyone at the Trinoma Activity Center. 

There was a pop-up store where people could get the full range of Oxygen's collab with Billboard on the spot! Aside from that, there were other fun activities as well.  

Music booths, anyone? 

There was also a freedom wall wherein you could show the world how music makes you feel. My word for that would be "ALIVE"!

There was also a photobooth that automatically prints the photos you upload on Instagram (when you use the official event hashtag as caption). Photos are forever my favorite keepsakes!

But my favorite booth is this one! And I think a lot of people will agree with me. It's such a cool and creative setup for photo-ops! :D  

The highlight of the evening was a fashion show which showcased the must-have pieces from the collection. The Oxygen x Billboard collection features items for everyday use, including graphic tees, pullovers and accessories like caps and bags. The designs, which take heavy inspiration from the rock and hip-hop genres, come mostly in black and white - save minimal pops of color here and there for select items - and scream of New York street fashion.

I'll be sharing with you Oxygen x Billboard's Top 20 Style Trends:  
Street Style
Cool tees and trendy jeans, these pieces are key for that effortless, on-the-street look that everyone is going for today!
All in Black
You can never go wrong with wearing black! Need we say more?
Slit Tops
The latest trend to hit the metro, show off a little leg, or those awesome liquid leather leggings, with these cool slit tops!
Pumping Graphic Tees
Raring to make a statement? Artsy graphic tees are all the rage nowadays!
Monochrome Pieces
All the whites, greys, and blacks in your wardrobe are still on-trend, plus, they go perfectly with each other!
Ripped Denims
Whether acid wash, black, grey, or blue, distressed jeans scream cool and casual.
Can’t deny it, cotton pullovers are comfy, cozy, AND trendy, no matter the season.
Cutout Boots
Quirky cutout boots are a funky way to level up any of your outfits!
Pops of Color
A little bit of bright yellow, blue, red or green, never hurt anybody. And they’re a great highlight on an all-black ensemble!
Oversized Tees
Love to dress comfy? Pair an oversized tee with your favorite denim shorts for that effortlessly breezy look.
Statement Caps
There’s no better way to declare your favorite statements than to wear it on your head.

White Sneaks
The hottest trend today, even Hollywood celebrities are digging it, white sneaks totally go with any of your daily wear.

Jersey Number Shirts
Jersey shirts are the hottest new things! Out of the baseball pits and into your closet, these babies are the greatest addition to your wardrobe staples this season!
White Cotton Shirts
Perfect for summer, white shirts are easy to wear and easy to pair with anything!

For bottoms there are 3 more trends that are actually mainstays even in our closet at home: 
  • Slim Silhouettes (skinny jeans to emphasize and elongate the silhouette) 
  • Pegged Boyfriend Jeans (the more styled up cousin of the "boyfriend jeans", only this one's made for ladies so it's bound to have a sexier fit and look)
  • Culottes (dress it up or down, your call)

Lastly, 3 beauty pegs to go with your Oxygen x Billboard pieces:
  • Messy-But-Not Tresses (Love your waves, ladies! "I woke up like this" hair that's stylishly messy yet not too untidy always works.)
  • The Brush Up (Classic and very James Dean-esque, this hairstyle can apply for men and women who adore the unique style of the 50s.)
  • Fresh Faced (No to heavy make-up. It’s all about looking natural this summer!) 

The Oxygen x Billboard Collection is now available at all Oxygen branches nationwide.

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  1. I was there also... but I have some errands to do....

    1. Yup, I remember! So nice to bump into you and Tiff! :)


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