Monday, August 4, 2014

Something Cute: Etude House Style Me Body Graffiti

Etude House Style Me Body Graffiti is so nostalgic. The 90's kid in me remembers buying Chupa Chups lollies with either (temporary) tattoos or Spice Girls stickers inside the foil packs. Those are now long gone, but look what we have here!

Etude House Style Me Body Graffiti

Fashion is one of the best ways to display your personal sense of uniqueness. The most stylish individuals have a natural knack for combining colors and textures. Etude House Style Me Body Graffiti is a stylish body sticker with trendy design and long-wearing effect that let's you express your style with these wonderful moods: Club Look, Lovely Look, Punk Look, and World Cup Look. 

Lovely Look

The Lovely Look pack requires no water. You just cut the desired shape/design, remove the protective plastic film, then press and rub the sticky side of film for 5-10 seconds onto your skin.

The separate heart balloons and ribbons you see on the right requires water though. You can use an atomizer or a wet towel to soak to back side of the paper film, then press lightly for 10-20 seconds.

Club Look

The Club Look pack requires water application, same as the ribbons and heart balloons above. This one's really cute - the designs glow in the dark! :D

Price: P248.00
Available at all Etude House stores nationwide

Like Etude House Philippines on Facebook for more information. Which design do you like better, Lovely Look or Club Look? :)



  1. Haha! I remember using those stick-on tattoos when I was a child. :P Those were good times. I guess this one from EH are the grown-up, kikay versions. Haha!


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