Monday, May 6, 2013

The Body Shop All-In-One Concealer in 01

I love the idea of makeup that's infused with skincare ingredients, just like the All-In-One makeup range from The Body Shop. The All-In-One Concealer from The Body Shop is their new take on their Flawless Skin Protecting Concealer.

The Body Shop All-In-One Concealer in 01 (P895.00)
This easy-to-blend concealer effectively covers imperfections and dark shadows. The lightweight but high-coverage formula stays in place for hours. With ingredients including vitamin E and marula oil, it’s make-up and skincare in one.

What makes this concealer unique is its center - a moisturizing core containing Vitamin E and marula oil which hydrates your skin as it conceals - minus the cracking and caking. This concealer reminds of of Benefit Fake Up, only on reverse.

As for the packaging, I find it slim, sleek, and sturdy. The cap is very secure and there's no chance of this suddenly opening in your kit (unless you don't re-cap it right). I actually like this better than liquid concealers I've used before since this one's literally spill-proof, and application is more convenient.

It's a stick-type concealer that has a very creamy and easy to blend formula. However, as much as I want to use this on my entire eye area and my face (when I get pimples), I can't. Because of it's moisturizing formula, it has the tendency to slide off on my oily skin (and even on my oily lids), so I just use this for my undereye area. As an undereye concealer, this works very nicely. I still have to set this with powder though for it to last longer. If I don't set it with powder, the effect disappears by late afternoon probably because of the too humid weather that makes any type of makeup (even the tough, long wearing ones) slide off.


Blending the shade into my skin is effortless, and skin is instantly brighter when I have this on.

Before | After

I don't have very dark eye circles to begin with, so the difference between the before and after photos isn't that evident.

With Concealer (no powder)

Coverage is medium. It does it's job of lightening the appearance of my dark circles and making my eye area appear brighter. This concealer makes me look less haggard even if I lack sleep all the time, and for that, I am really liking it!

If you're looking for a hydrating undereye concealer, you might want to check this out! The All-In-One Concealer comes in 5 shades ranging from light to dark, so you'll definitely find your perfect shade. Like The Body Shop, Philippines on Facebook for more information.



  1. It reminds me of Benefit's fake up, kind of similar concept~ ^_~

    1. Exactly, only the moisturizing core is inside. :)

  2. another addition to my "to buy" list ms helen :-)

  3. Your undereyes looked so bright and highlighted. Love the bodyshop, they have products that are yellow enough.

    1. Thanks, Rae! That's true, this one is my exact shade. :)


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