Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jay-J's Inasal: The Filipino Restaurant

I've been going on eating sprees lately; I hope I will gain some weight will all this effort! :) My office mates and I went out one night to have dinner at Jay-J's Inasal in Tomas Morato (Happy Birthday, Sha!). This restaurant serves food with no MSG, which was great as you can taste Filipino food in its naturally delicious form.

Here's what we ordered:

Crispy Crablets (P185.00)

I don't eat big crabs, but I love Crispy Crablets! They're so good, I can eat them as if they were chips. Haha! This makes for a deliciously crispy appetizer. Dip it in vinegar for that flavorful kick.

Inasal Hita (left, P95.00) and Pecho (right, P99.00)

Plain Rice (P29.00)

Gising-Gising (P120.00)

This is a spicy vegetable dish made with coconut milk, chopped vegetables, and a bit of ground pork. Fit for its name as it will surely wake you up with its spiciness!

Pork Sisig (P170.00)

Ah, the ubiquitous dish in Filipino cuisine. If this came with an egg, I bet it would have tasted better.

I love Filipino dishes! :) What's your favorite Filipino food?



  1. also love jay-j's! mura na, masarap pa. :) ang dami pang choices! :)

    ~ iya

  2. I agree! Thanks, Charles and Iya! :)


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