Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lay Bare Waxing Salon

Hair removal is a crucial part of one's personal hygiene, and with that, I always choose the most painless way possible (hello, depilatory creams!). For the longest time, I have been curious about waxing and how it would be any better than the tradional threading, plucking, and shaving. Last month, I decided to take the plunge and tried out Lay Bare Waxing Salon's (in Burgundy Taft) Full Body Wax. Special thanks to The Body Shop for my GC! This service is meant to wax every single strand of unwanted hair on my face and body. However, I left out my upper lips, arms, and back because I am not super hair anyway (and I was also apprehensive on the adverse effects or skin reactions I could get, since it was my first time to get waxed ever).

What I availed was eyebrow threading, underarm, chest, brazilian, and full-leg wax. I was so anxious the entire procedure. But thankfully, only the eyebrow threading and brazilian wax hurt! I was super satisfied with the result - clean, smooth, fairer, and hair-free skin! After waxing attendant applied anti-bacterial lotion on my waxed areas, since my pores were open and bacteria could easily get in.

Here are the rates:

What I liked about Lay Bare:
  • Cold, sugar wax is used by Lay Bare. There is no risk of hot wax burning your skin. This cold, sugar wax also has exfoliating properties so dead skin cells come off with unwanted hair.
  • Their services are super affordable, so there's no excuse to be hairy!
  • Their staff are friendly and professional. You would feel less awkward than you really are because you can talk to them during the procedure and ask questions on after-wax care.
  • The result of the wax was clean and baby-smooth skin.
  • Post wax, I did not get ingrown skin. But be sure to use body scrub regularly so dead skin cells won't clog your pores.

What I did not like:
  • The waxing attendants did not wear gloves the entire procedure. I think this goes for all Lay Bare branches, so if you're super OC, then you may bring your own pair of disposable gloves for their use.
  • A week after the wax, my chest and stomach area got rashes/small pimples (which lasted for about a month). It's gone now, but I do have small scars left. :(

Waxing reminders from Lay Bare Waxing Salon:
  1. After waxing, refrain from washing the newly waxed part for 4 hours.
  2. If you get waxed during the early evening, wait till the next day to wash the waxed area.
  3. Don't scratch or rub.
  4. Avoind putting on make-up, lotion, powder, cologne, etc. after getting waxed.
  5. Apply antibacterial cream 2x a day after every wax.
  6. For redness and minor swelling, apply cold compress by wrapping an ice cube around a washcloth and press it gently on the waxed area. It should make it subside quickly.
  7. Refrain from strenuous activities that will make you sweat to prevent any bacterial infections.

After the wax, the staff gave me a Lay Bare loyalty card which I can use on my next visit.

I am still thinking of going back though, maybe for underarm and brazilian wax. And they also have value packages on their services so you could get to save money.

Image from Lay Bare Waxing Salon's Facebook page.

Have you tried waxing in Lay Bare?



  1. hi helen! so kamusta naman yung experience ng eyebrow threading sa laybare? or may iba ka pang marerecommend na lugar kung saan maganda magpa eyebrow threading? :)

    1. Hello Nicole! :) Based sa experience ko, tinanggal lang ng Laybare yung stray hairs, pero di naman nila inayos yung shape ng kilay ko. Try mo brow wax sa Benefit. Mas okay dun magaling sila mag shape ng kilay, medyo mahal nga lang. :P


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