Monday, March 28, 2011

Pond's Perfect Care Cold Cream

Could you be using a beauty product that has been around for 165 years? Pond's Cold Cream is that and more! I have seen small glass jars of Pond's Cold Cream sitting on my mom's dresser when I was a kid, and as they say, mother knows best! My mom is 51 years young now and she still looks radiant and youthful as ever, because she takes care of her skin.

If there is one product that I have kept on repurchasing months after months, it would definitely be this!

I started using Pond's Cold Cream in college, when I started to learn how to use makeup. I found that regular facial washes could not thoroughly remove all the makeup and Manila pollution on my skin so I decided to take my skin cleansing up a notch and added this to my beauty regimen. Way back, I used to buy this in the lemon scented variant because I found it to smell fresher than the regular variant. Now, only the regular variant is available in the market.

Pond's says:
Cold Cream
Clean skin that feels softer and smoother - that's the Pond's institute promise.

Pond's Cold Cream is a rich, deep cleanser that:
- Deep cleans - Special deep cleansing ingredients effortlessly take out deep-seated dirt and make-up, even stubborn mascara
- Keeps skin soft - Its natural moisturizers keep skin soft and supple, leaving your skin radiantly blooming.

I use Pond's Cold Cream every night when I get home to remove all the makeup and dirt that had accumulated on my face throughout the day.

It has a thick, rich, and creamy texture.
It is dirt cheap! A 100 ml jar costs less than P200.00.
It easily removes all traces of makeup. No wonder this has been around for more than a century!

I do not like the scent, but it is tolerable.
I wish this product would come on tube form. But I make sure to clean my hands thoroughly before dipping into it to get the cream out.

I never fail to repurchase when my jar is about to run out, and I can't even count how many jars I have finished. I got this in the supermarket for just P185.85, but prices may vary in different stores. This is certainly my favorite Pond's product!

What is you favorite Pond's product? You may share your thoughts in the comment box below. :)



  1. Nice review! I think I'm going to buy this now after reading your marvelous review! :)

  2. Hi Yumna! Thanks a lot! Pond's Cold Cream is indeed a very effective makeup remover. :)

    By the way, thanks for following my blog! I followed you back. :)

  3. You are SO sweet! Thank you. :)

  4. Where can i buy this ponds cold cream in manila? I dont know if watson store has this... sm megamall?

    Thank you....

    1. Yes, I think Watsons has this. You may also check out the beauty section of SM department store. :)

  5. is this still available with same packaging?


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